UPS, Trust is one of the best ups retailer companies in Bangladesh. This is a special kind of power supply system. These include secondary storage cells or batteries that store electrical energy. As a result, when the power supply is suddenly cut off, the power in it supplies power to the computer. The process is completed within one to two milliseconds when the supply is turned off. When UPS is used with the computer, the power supply is switched off and the computer is running with the help of electricity in the UPS. UPS with various backups is available in the market. As a result, users can save important data on computers powered by UPS during this time after the power supply is cut off. Under normal circumstances, the power supply of the computer is connected through the UPS, so that the UPS can start its work as soon as the supply is cut off. UPS of various capacities are available in the market. These can ensure an uninterrupted power supply from 5/10 minutes to a few hours.

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