Wall Mounted Metal router stand


Router stand wall mount price in Bangladesh

  • Product type – WIFI Router, ONU, mini UPS Stand
  • Can be used as wall shelves for show-pieces as well
  • Made with highly durable quality material Metal board
  • WIFI Router/Telephone/Remote/Mobile Charging Stand
  • Premium Quality Metal board with High Finish Wall shelves for living room
  • Modern Automobile shape, storage rack is very useful and lovely
  • High-quality Metal board, high hardness, anti-skid,  environmentally friendly
355525 Stranded Delivery Charge.


Router stand rack bd, Router stand Price in BD


  • Router stand
  • Size(approx.): Length 12 inch, height 6.5 inch, width 8 inch
  • Material: Premium quality Belgian wrought iron.
  • Heat painted so rust
  • This set-top box stand wooden has proven itself as one of the best set-top holders with time.
  • This set-top box wall shelf has no vulnerable-to-crack edges. All the Edges of this wooden set-top box wall mount stand are designed ergonomically.
  • This set-top box rack is quite stylish as all the dimensions of this wooden set-top box wall shelf are properly balanced.
  • Distance between the two slabs of this set-top box rack wall mount is large enough to keep all types of set-top boxes

[Multi-function shelf]

The double-layer wall router shelf accommodates DVD players, HD video recorders, cable TV boxes, and game systems while also serving as a storage solution for CDs, DVDs, and other media. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent table shelf or storage cabinet, making it ideal for placement in the bedroom, living room, living room, or kitchen.

[Strong carrying capacity]

Wall mounted TV cabinet hole can hold more items, and it also has good carrying capacity. If installed correctly, it will not fall off. Even under the weight of dozens of pussies, it is still stable and does not shake, so you can use it more comfortable!

[Exceptional material]

The floating TV shelf consists of native space aluminum, which contains a high proportion of aluminum, ensuring its durability and rust-resistant properties. Furthermore, it securely fixes with screws, further enhancing its durability. Additionally, the shelf has a bright color that remains vibrant over time. Not only is it durable, but it can also be washed with water due to its waterproof properties. Furthermore, the shelf is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting use.

[Humanized design]

1. Screw fixing, screw reinforcement is more stable and firm 2. Arc angle design, 90 ° arc angle to avoid shock. 3. Double wire hole design, using double wire hole design to organize messy cables to keep your living room and office tidy.

[100% quality service]

If you have any questions about this product, you can contact us by email, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

This Router stand rack bd wall mounted storage box is easy to match with any style of room or other furniture. It is not only an ideal choice for storing routers, decoders, landline telephones, etc., it may also be an ideal choice for excellent decoration. It can perfectly fit all your furniture.

  • Size (approx.): Length 12 inch,
  • Height 6.1 inch,
  • Width 7 inch
  • Material: Premium quality Belgian wrought iron.

Router stand rack bd

What is the Router stand wall mount price in Bangladesh ?

The latest price of Router stand rack bd is 1050 BDT. You can buy Router stand rack bd from us. To buy Router stand rack bd, You can buy it through our website or you can directly visit our office.


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