Toshiba 500gb HDD Best Price in Bangladesh


Toshiba 500gb HDD Best Price in Bangladesh

Toshiba 500gb HDD


>Type:SATA Desktop

>Bytes/Sector (Disk) 4096 KByte


>Seek Time:4.16ms


>From Factor:3.5″

>Transfer Rate: Up To 600

>Warranty:1 Year



Toshiba hdd 500gb price in Bangladesh , 500gb hdd price in bd

Toshiba’s 3.5″ (8.9 cm) 7200 rpm hard drive series is optimized for use in energy-efficient consumer and commercial desktops, gaming PCs and external hard drives. The DT01ACAxx series offers capacities up to 3TB and utilizes an advanced form factor and the best power management technology. In addition, this desktop device offers up to 16% energy savings in standby mode compared to its predecessor. SATA 6Gb/s drives deliver 7200 RPM performance. These drives are designed to allow manufacturers to take advantage of the latest components and operating systems to provide efficient, high-performance, and energy-efficient systems.

Toshiba 500gb HDD Price in Bangladesh

Model: Toshiba 500GB


Type: SATA Desktop

Bytes/sector (Disk) 4096 k Byte


Seek time:4.16ms


From factor:3.5″

Transfer rate: Up to 600

Warranty:1 Year

Toshiba 500gb HDD Best Price in Bangladesh



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