Toten 12U 600 x 600mm Networking Server Rack


Toten 12u server rack price in bangladesh

  • Toten 12U 600 x 600mm Networking Server Rack
  • MPN: P2.6612.9001
  • Model: 12U
  • Size: 600 x 600mm
  • Fan: 2 Fans (Low noise)
  • Lock: Round, DU: 6 ports
  • Glass Door


Toten 12U 600×600 Networking Server rack

The Toten 12U Server Rack is specifically built for a small or home data network and permits the installation of equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls, and network video recorders (NVRs). Welded frame with high intensity; standard installation with adjustable dimension; Exquisite design with precision measurement and craftsmanship; High-density vented front door (patent) & rear door enable equipment protection, ventilation and reliable operation, with turning angle above 120 degrees and ventilation rate above 71.2%; Bottom with cable entrance, optional cover to close; Side doors with locks for protection; Advanced moon-shaped lock; Various optional accessories .

Toten 12U 600×600 Server rack

  • 600 x 600 x 635mm (Width x Dept. x Height )
  • 2 x 4-inch Fan (Low Noise) on Vented Top Flush Panel
  • 2 x Side Door with Cam Lock
  • Front Door –Glass with Cam Lock
  • Panel Mount with Unit Indication
  • 1 x Integrated Wall Mounting Panel
  • 1 x Power Distribution Unit (6 Way PDU)
  • 1 Packet of M6 Cage Nuts Assembly
  • Finish with Epoxy Powder Coating
Cooling Fan2
PDU6 Port
Width600mm (23.6 Inch)
Depth600mm (23.6 Inch)
Front door constructionTempered Glass

What is the Price of the Toten 12U 600 x 600mm Networking Server Rack in Bangladesh in 2023?

The latest price of the Toten 12U 600 x 600mm Networking Server Rack is 10800 BDT. You can buy this Toten networking sever rack from us at the best price. You can either buy it through our website or directly visit our office.

Toten 12U 600 x 600mm Networking Server Rack


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